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Taking Care of Your Lace Front Wig

Congratulations! You have just purchased a custom made lace front wig from The Broadway Wig Company.  With careful handling it will look great for all your performances or personal needs. Below are some of the questions and answers you might have regarding the care of your new wig.  

As always please feel free to call or email us with any further questions you might have. If you do not have access to any of the things mentioned here that we use for wig maintenance you can contact us and arrange to order them.

How should I store my wig?

The best place for a wig to live is on a wig block or styrofoam head.  This will insure that it is not being crushed or flattened in any way.  It will hold a natural head shape and preseve the style best. We also use a clamp that can attach to a table top or shelf, this holds the wig block in place for styling or storage.

Should I cut the lace?

The rule of thumb would the the shorter, the lace the shorter the life span of the wig, Stage lace fronts are specifically designed for stage performances and stage lighting, the magic of the lace is that it simply disappears under these conditions and well taken care of will give you years of service. Of course when you receive your wig and you find that the lace is too long lets say touching your eyebrow, then of course we recommend trimming it slightly but cut on the curve as you do not want to disrupt the cross tension which ensures a proper fit.

Should I pin the lace or the wig down on the block?

Not unless you are styling it and when you do this be careful to avoid the lace front and remember only use very small dressmaker pins so as not to damage the wig.

Do I need to powder or put make-up over the lace when I wear it?

Not really, the delicate nature of the lace is what makes it invisible.  Think of it as a fine spider web that only becomes visible when one would spray water on it.  The cleaner the lace; the more invisible it is.

How do I clean the lace?

Clean lace is important to the look of the wig as stated above so keeping it tidy is essential.  This is done with gauze pads and alcohol.  Lay the wig on its back off the block, place the gauze pad behind the lace and taking another gauze pad dab gently at the lace changing the pad underneath the lace as it becomes soiled from the makeup residue. Always use gauze not cotton pads as they will leave behind bits of fuzz.

Can I use hairspray on my wig?

With a gentle touch this wig will maintain its style for quite a while depending on your use and the style that you have.  If you want to spray it use a light non-aerosol spray like Rave. Try and avoid heavy laquer based sprays as they will leave residue and weigh the wig down. We can wash set and restyle your wig when you think its necessary for a $ 65 styling fee.

Can I use heat on my wig like a blow dryer or curling iron?

If you have a synthetic wig this is an emphatic NO.  Using heat on synthetic hair will damage it severely. If you have a human hair wig, you can use light heat for gentle styling and maintenance.

Do I need a wig cap and how do I clean it?

If you wear a wig cap under your wig in order to contain your hair or attach your wig more securely, then you will want to keep it clean.  Since the wig doesnąt really touch your head and the cap does; you can keep things fresh by cleaning the wig cap with a drop of soap or shampoo and cold water.  Just squish it around by hand and hang out to dry overnight.