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'Wig Master' Robert-Charles VallanceWelcome to the Broadway Wig Company, where we pride ourselves in the fine art of custom theatrical wig making, and styling.

Broadway's "Wig Master" to the stars, Robert-Charles Vallance, brings to you a unique theatrical design source, providing the best of Broadway's top stylists for your own theatrical productions.

Whether it's an entire production or a single custom designed piece, we can facilitate all of your theatrical hair design needs. Now you can utilize all of the valuable resources the theatrical hair design industry has to offer at our beautiful studio and showroom conveniently located in the heart of the theatre district.

The finest quality hair goods, custom styled, delivered to your door - what could be easier? Shop our always available current selection, or work with our exclusive designers to create your own unique designs.

We specialize in lace front and fully hand ventilated theatrical wigs, all available in our vast color selection of the highest quality human hair, and fine quality synthetics. Because we design and build in a studio filled with reference resources and many examples of our work, it makes it easier for the designer to see the wide array of products available to them at their fingertips.

Our staff of stylists and designers are always on hand to discuss your theatrical design needs. In addition to hair design we also feature makeup design and custom temporary tattoos and prosthetics.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment or stop by and visit us at our studio.

Inquire about our wig rentals and our discounts available to eligible not-for-profit theatre companies.

The finest quality hair goods, custom built, custom styled, convenient location - what could be easier? We take the drama out of hair design!

Dame Judi Dench Patti

These are just a few of the Stars who rely on Robert-Charles and Broadway Wigs to look their best onstage!

You'll find many more stars and photos from many shows that have used the Broadway Wig Company for their productions by clicking here.